Basic settings you should check in order to receive TOFR’s at MyHeritage

    Make sure your membership of the site is associated to the tree, otherwise no relationships can be calculated. This article will show you how do I associate yourself with your tree?
  2. Check if the DNA file is assigned to a tree.
  3. Smart Matches need to be enabled. While this article describes how to disable Smart Matches, it’s the quickest path to check Smart Matches are enabled.
  4. Basic data needs to be available in the person’s cards in the tree, such as a correct name (not only initials). The more data the better.
    Of course there will be cases where no TOFR’s were found – as of yet. Don’t forget that the DNA Matches’s files should have the same conditions.

Theory of Family Relativity™ (TOFR) is not a dynamic and automatic system, and in order to generate them, the data from family trees, records, and DNA matches are analyzed. If you made any changes per the instructions above, please be aware that no new TOFRs will appear based on changed settings until a new TOFR run is executed by MyHeritage (which in general occurs only twice a year).

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